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One of the few Public Notaries in Kapiti

Matt is one of the few Notary Publics in Kapiti who can carry out the legal certification proceedings required of Notaries.

What can a Notary Public do for you?

A Notary Public is not as well known as a Justice of the Peace because they offer specialised services. Their responsibilities include:
•authenticating documents for international recognition
•taking international affidavits and declarations
•administering oaths if required in another jurisdiction
•certifying copies of documents and signatures
•preparing documents that will be used overseas, e.g. documents for adopting an overseas child.

What will it cost me to use a Notary Public?

The minimum fee is NZ $100.00 including GST and the hourly charge rate is NZ $300.00 plus GST and any expenses for any additional actions. Time and expense can be saved if you supply, before any consultation, the originals or exact photocopies of:
•all documents to be notarised
•all correspondence or forms of instructions that relate to the service that is to be performed
•identification evidence (Current Passport is preferable but other current photo identification, for example your driver’s licence and evidence of your address)
Documents to be notarised should not be bound as they may have to be rebound with a covering Notarial Certificate.

Witnessing your documentation

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