Powers of Attorney

What does a Power of Attorney do?

It is very useful to appoint a Power of Attorney to handle your affairs on your behalf if and when you are unable to do so yourself. Your Attorney can sign your cheques, cancel your insurances, and even sell your home.

Your Attorney can also manage your affairs if your health deteriorates, or if you go overseas and it is too complicated to manage your own affairs from wherever you are living or holidaying.

When do you use an Ordinary Power of Attorney

These are used for temporary purposes, such as if you are away from home for a few months, overseas or simply out of reach for a period of time. These Powers of Attorney are limited in their scope and usually only apply if you are unable to act on your own behalf by reason of absence or physical incapacity for a period of time. They are not effective in the event that you are mentally incapacitated.

Your Attorney can do anything which you could do if you were physically present at the time. The Attorney is effectively ‘you’ while you are away.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney can relate to property or your personal care and welfare. One Attorney can act in relation to both property and care & welfare.

For more detailed information on Enduring Powers of Attorney, download the documents below…

Personal Care and Welfare


Deed of Delegation

Advice on how to minimise Power of Attorney risk

The experienced team at the Law Connection can advise you on the measures you can take to protect yourself and reduce the risk of problems arising with a misuse of Power of Attorney.


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