Family law

Are you separating & need Family Law advice ?

If your relationship has recently broken down and you and your partner are separating or considering divorce, you may need help preparing a separation agreement – to seek assistance in dividing property between yourself and your partner, and working out how your children are supported.

Property Relationship Act & separation agreements

Under normal circumstances it is important to comply with the formalities of the Property Relationships Act. Unless you have a written separation agreement, signed by both of you, and for which both of you have had independent legal advice, then you do not have a binding agreement or arrangement and this may be problematic for you.

The Law Connection can help you with preparing an agreement which complies with the formalities of the Property Relationship Act.

Are you in a de facto or other type of relationship?

There are many criteria under the Property (Relationships) Act and the Act covers marriage, de facto and civil union relationships.

You need to consider what sort of relationship you have been in, or are in, that would give rise to the presumption of equal sharing or some form of entitlement. The duration of the relationship will be relevant, as will having children while in it, or assuming parental responsibility for children.

Help with contracting out agreements

If you are in a relationship and the property which you and your partner have is unequal and you would like it to remain that way, then you have to consider the possibility of an agreement contracting out the provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act.

The Law Connection have years of experience in advising individuals and couples as to the best way to structure their affairs. It may well be that not only do you need a contracting out agreement but you may also wish to consider the establishment of a family trust to protect your assets.

Child support as part of the Property Relationship Act

Child support is money paid by a parent who is not living with his or her children, to help financially support their children.

The aim of the law is to make sure that parents take financial responsibility for their children. This is an important and often sensitive part of your separation agreement negotiation and an issue around which our experience can be invaluable.

Care of Children

The Law Connection does not act in the area of Child Law and Care of Children…. but we have a very good relationship with several other firms and are able to make a referral if you wish.


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