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Legal disputes – an unwelcome part of life The Law Connection can assist you with

Disputes are an unwelcome part of private and business life. Legal disputes can happen anywhere in your life: commercial, workplace, divorce, property, community, family.

Here at the Law Connection you can expect help to resolve your dispute with the least possible emotional or financial cost to you.

Dispute resolution needs to happen early

If responded to early, your dispute can often be resolved efficiently and with little cost. You can expect advice on the best process to adopt to achieve the result that you want from our knowledgeable and approachable staff.

Getting a lawyer to mediate for you in your dispute

Experienced in mediation, our lawyers can help you resolve your conflict before it gets to court.

Conflict resolution can be costly

Regard needs to be made to the financial and emotional cost you will have when engaging in any dispute, which are significant factors in how any problem is approached. At the Law Connection, we can help make sure the dispute is resolved early and costs are minimised.

All aspects of litigation covered except criminal law

We can help you with Civil proceedings in the High or District Courts, Mediation, Arbitration or other dispute resolution processes. Our lawyers cover all areas of litigation except for Criminal Law.


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