Business Law

Legal advice for small or large businesses

Whether you are a small or large business, we want to help you to grow your business by minimising your legal risks through informed legal advice.

The Law Connection can help you by interpreting the law when structuring/restructuring your business; buying or selling your business; or buying, selling or leasing business premises.

Seek advice early when buying a business

The earlier in the process you seek legal assistance the better. Experienced in understanding business contracts, The Law Connection can help carry out the correct investigations to make sure the purchase price is not over inflated and you know exactly what assets you are buying. You can expect answers to the following questions:

· Stock – What is the real value?

· Goodwill – What does this represent?

· Premises – How long and on what terms will you be allowed to stay there?

· Employees – What are your legal obligations to them? What are your alternatives?

· Restraint of Trade – What is the Seller moving on to do? Where?

Maximise the price when negotiating the contract for the sale of your business

The Law Connection can partner you through the sale contract negotiation, trying to help you maximise the price you sell your business for. See our brochure – Preparing your Business for Sale

Serious risks for businesses when negotiating Property Law

Even if you are familiar with New Zealand Property Law, there are serious risks associated with not discussing with a lawyer prior to the sale, purchase or leasing of any premises. You will receive guidance on the possible pitfalls of entering into a lease before you sign it from our experienced staff . If you are selling, our staff can discuss and advise upon the supporting evidence and wording of the agreement to achieve the best outcome for you.

Structuring/restructuring your business

Whether you are starting your own business or restructuring because your business has outgrown its present structure, The Law Connection can advise you about the various legal entities available to you for owning and running a business and the advantages/disadvantages of each one, whether it be sole trader, limited liability company, partnership, franchise or trading trust.


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